Safety Guidelines For Mastopexy Surgery


Mastopexy, a scientific term for the usual breast lift, making your breasts back to the firm and tight, avoiding the saggy look that may be annoying for some most especially for the older women. This is the chance to have your breasts have the contour and the youthful look. This is best for those who are suffering from the shape deterioration of their breasts that may sometimes affect your look.

Yet, there is one thing you must know, that not everybody is qualified for this surgery. There are criteria given by the surgeons for you to check first yourself if you are qualified enough. These are safety precautions from the experts so you must have to take things seriously about this.

Criteria must be the following, having the right weight that is proportioned to your height and age, physically fit of course. Also, when you got that annoying feeling having a saggy breasts, and are having uneven shapes. When your nipple may stuck under the crease of your breasts if left unsupported. The downward direction of your areolas are obvious when you are wearing shirts without bra, and having a one part of breast that has a longer form that the other one. These are signs and considerations that you may now be a candidate for the breast lift.

If you are approved by your chosen surgeon to undergo with this procedure, time for you to have yourself a proper preparation. First thing for you to do is to stop smoking, smoking has a scattered nicotine, almost every part of your body inside and out, these nicotine may stick into the surgical wounds that will cause some infections.

mastopexy-img1405339980Smoking also may be a factor of a slower recovery. Have yourself evaluated in through a lab test, that will give you the precautions if ever there will be conflicts on the medications that you are currently taking. A mammogram  is a perfect self- preparation before having this surgery. The doctors will tell you all the possible things that may change with your beasts tissues and discover if there are any existing problems right away.

You will then be advised to stop taking aspirins and any other anti-inflammatory drugs for they are known to have the effect of serious bleeding and hemorrhage. Actually, all your medications will be adjusted most especially if you are a diabetic.

This certain illness may slow down your recovery and worst to worse cases, your surgical wounds may also be affected. If you are pregnant better have the breast lift right after you have delivered for this may affect the surgical process, knowing breasts that are having the most important role in times of pregnancy. These may be developed at size yet, this is because of the lactating process.

Breast lift is a helpful tool made by science mainly to improve the lives and the appearance of the women that are manifesting any irregularity with the shape of their breasts. This is surgical or a non-surgical one that may have the same results. Yet, this also requires a high level of preparation most especially with the financial source.

Take good care of your breasts, women like you are given to have this special feature to your body in order to provide food for the infants that is, when you see it, it is almost a miracle of how these things may be possible. So, take extra care when it comes to the health of your breasts, they are delicate and sensitive ones. Improvement is better when you won’t have to suffer any consequence.

What Breast Lift Options Are Available Today?

Many women are very conscious about how they look and especially when it comes to their body shape. As women age, various body parts, including the breasts, usually sag due to breastfeeding, weight loss or gain, or even stretch marks. If you are in a situation in which you feel you need a breast lift, Dr. Tavakoli is well experienced in using different breast lift techniques, and will assist you in getting your desired look in the safest way possible.


Crescent scar lift


In this procedure, a small amount of breast skin and tissue in the shape of a crescent is removed above the areola. A small scar usually remains, but the procedure is perfect if you have a nipple that is a little drooped.


Benelli Lift


In this technique, a piece of skin is removed around the areola in the shape of a donut and then the skin that remains is fixed back. The scar in this case is circular and goes around the areola. This technique is normally used when you need the nipple to be moved to a higher position.


Lolly-pop scar


This is the procedure that is used when the breast has extremely drooped. In this technique, the cosmetic surgeon removes the skin, not just around the areol,a but also from the lower part of the breast. This means that the scar is shaped like a lollypop – around the areola and a vertical scar down the breast.

Dr Tavakoli Breast Lift

Inverted T-scar


In this technique, skin is removed in three places on the breast, that is, around the areola and at the center and the bottom of the breast. Once the skin is removed, the cosmetic surgeon moves the areola to a higher level and then wraps the remaining skin on the breast tissue. This procedure results in a scar that looks like an upside-down T. It works very well for women with a lot of excess skin on the breast area due to significant weight loss or breastfeeding.


Minimizing scarring


Most women are concerned about the scars resulting from breast lifts. It is therefore important to note that the skillfulness of the cosmetic surgeon and the technique that is applied are what will determine the quality of the scar. Dr. Tavakoli is well known for conducting breast lifts that offer good quality scars that normally fade off very well – within 18 – 24 months. However, it is worth noting that the benelli and lolly-pop scars are smaller than other types of scars.


Breast lift with implants


A breast lift on its own does not change the volume of the breasts, but it can change the shape of the breast. A breast lift is therefore perfect for women who have no problem with the size of the breasts and are only concerned about drooping.

Breast Lift Photo By Dr Tavakoli

However, if you want breasts that are bigger and have a good projection, then the solution would have to be a breast lift with implants. This means that both the shape and the volume of the breasts will change to the desired look. Dr. Tavakoli will be able to advice you on whether you are a good candidate for a breast lift only or for a breast lift with implants.